Interview With Digital Band


How did you get involved with music?

“My dad got me into music, he’s been DJing for 35 years. He plays Soca, Reggae, and soul.”

What are your musical roots?

“Soca, Reggae, Hip Hop and Soul…”

How have these roots influenced your drum’n’bass production and the development of your sound?


“Yes they certainly have. I find when I stick to the flavour of my roots, I’m more relaxed in the studio.”

How did you get involved with drum’n’bass?

“I used to hire out my sound system to a few small venues locally.(1991,92) Through that I met Danny C,when I was doing a reggae gig in Colchester. He said that he’d like to use the sound system for a small Marquee. So I had a whole night of jungle, hardcore etc., and I loved every minute. In 1993, we produced our first single.”

Which producers do you think are standing out in the ever-expanding group of drum’n’bass producers in the UK and the world? Why do you think they stand out?

“Marcus & S.T, Dillinja, Spirit, Total Science and Shy FX… A combination of vocals, reggae, soul, dub and techno is a winner!!”

What is your prediction for the direction drum’n’bass is going to take in the new year?

“Drum&bass has a lot of different flavours again, which will attract lots of different people. The whole scene is buzzing… IT’S ON THE UP!!!”

What are your different roles in Phantom Audio/ Timeless/ Function etc?

“There is no method in the studio. I’ll make a few tracks, and decide which label it will represent.”

What are the different production methods/ styles you knowingly use when producing for the different labels you have released on ie. Reinforced, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware etc.?

“The artists on each of these labels have their own methods and it is good to feed of each other bringing on new styles and sounds. I’ll usually just send them a track and take it from there. When I make a track for someone in mind, it’s usually crap.”

What are the mechanisms of Spirit and your working together in terms of production and other aspects of running Phantom Audio?

“We go with the flow, enhancing each others ideas, both with the label and production.”

Why after so long have you decided to release an album?

“I had a lot more work to do before now. My early days with Timeless Records, Metalheadz and Photek Production days were good days, but there was only a handful of DJs playing the tracks. An album in those days would have been one side of me.”

Why have you chosen Function to release your album on?

“Function is a very relaxed label, a label with no stress or pressure. Function has released deep, dubby, ravey and experimental tracks, so ‘Dubzilla’ fits great. ”

What can we look forward to from ‘Dubzilla’?

“‘Dubzilla’ is my interpretation of Drum & Bass, redefining the core elements. The breakbeats, bongos and the bass.”

What are your thoughts about coming to Australia to play and about drum’n’bass growing outside of the UK in general?


“There’s plenty of DJs, producers and clubs representing worldwide, so I think 2002 will see the D&B scene grow even more worldwide.”

Where is your favourite place to DJ in and out of the UK and why?

“‘Source’ in Oxford, because it’s always BLAZING!! Outside the UK, Japan and New Zealand. PROPER RAVERS!!!”

Any last words…

“Watch out for Eljay & DJ Ruffstuff, DJ Probe, Genotype, DJ Baron & Brillo.”